Hey everyone!

It’s really long time to take me to start writing again. I was really busy trying to make the games as part of my free time company [balconygames](https://balcony.games) :) Good progress but it’s not so good enough for the market because of the user acquisition is so expensive.

Today I’ve decided to share the example of the proxy application for umbrella Phoenix, probably it would be useful for someone who has the same issues like code reloading, websocket support. It has 4 apps inside of `apps/`, `proxy`, `web(phoenix)`, `admin(phoenix)`, `db(shared ecto project)`. No more words, going to share::

That’s it

The last weeks I worked with my friends in free time on making our game from the beginning, we don’t have experience in this area. Lets I want to describe how it begins.

Me and my friend we were staying in the nice bar, drink the cool wines. We were…

The last 8 years I am working on contracts on remote and for the clients that are charging by hours, it would require to send invoices hourly every 2 weeks. I was trying to use the different applications for invoicing but then moved away and used google docs to build it.

Then I found Wunderlist, nice todo list application. I created Shopping and TODO lists and started to use daily. as result it became like a habit for me to write there. I decided that it would be awesome to track my hours there as well.

Example format for task hours:

After month I decided to download this list and calculate hours that spent for the month. As result I did the script for downloading the hours report into csv file

The last days I spent a lot of time to make the right configuration for kafka + zookeeper inside of docker container to emulate the production environment that we are going to use in the new our real time platform.

confluent/* images are awesome, thank you guys.

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