Hi everyone.

It’s a really nice time to publish the new post about the new area that I am trying to learn and build something exciting. Let’s say #gamedev was always the goal when I started to learn software development but for some reasons, I was always busy with other stuff.

OK, no more talks about the past.

Kubernetes is really exciting technology that I discovered when I was a solo developer for my projects on backend and frontend.

My current stack is

  • DigitalOcean is hosting platform with reasonable pricing that’s always helping for my indie projects. I want to…

The last weeks I worked with my friends in free time on making our game from the beginning, we don’t have experience in this area. Lets I want to describe how it begins.

Me and my friend we were staying in the nice bar, drink the cool wines. We were talking about life after 30 :) and how awesome was the time when we played in the console games. We don’t have enough time to play these days. I am backend developer, he was working as a developer for accountant software (but started to learn javascript and found the first…

The last 8 years I am working on contracts on remote and for the clients that are charging by hours, it would require to send invoices hourly every 2 weeks. I was trying to use the different applications for invoicing but then moved away and used google docs to build it.

Then I found Wunderlist, nice todo list application. I created Shopping and TODO lists and started to use daily. as result it became like a habit for me to write there. I decided that it would be awesome to track my hours there as well.

Example format for task hours:

After month I decided to download this list and calculate hours that spent for the month. As result I did the script for downloading the hours report into csv file

As part of my unfinished project [observerio](github.com/observerio/observer-server) I were working on my first ember dashboard and when I finished to work on prototype, decided to deploy it as pod in kubernetes cluster in digitalocean. Why kubernetes probably it’s saving a lot of time if you are solo developer and don’t have enough money to support the non profitable idea.

On the first deploy I found that it was pretty easy to build released version of ember app but on open the dashboard in browser I found that my routing is not working properly. …

Example how to build php-rdkafka inside of docker container using official alpine php images. php-fpm and nginx used to run web app that’s using librdkafka.

The last days I spent a lot of time to make the right configuration for kafka + zookeeper inside of docker container to emulate the production environment that we are going to use in the new our real time platform.

confluent/* images are awesome, thank you guys.

Today I was working on the writing api that should store objects inside of Amazon S3. I’ve started to think about how to test it without dependency injection and I can focus on development easily leave it as it is. I will place few examples how to do it by using docker-compose.yml and minio

docker-compose up — build -d to build and run minio server and then you can run docker exec -it `docker-compose ps -q $NAME` /bin/bash -c “go test <package>“ to test your package.

Lets assume you are Go developer and you want to bring some awesomeness in Java world you can definitely do it :) In Apache Hive it’s possible to write custom functions to run it as part of the query. It’s a basic java project and it could be done by maven build tool. Below I placed example of go project and how to wrap go lib inside of jar file(using github.com/sridharv/gojava) and use FFI to make it callable from java application.

make build && make release should make .jar

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